What we do

We offer consultancy services across the following 5 horizontal vectors in the area of water, hygiene, sanitation and environmental improvements across one cross cutting vector of climate change and adaptation.

Technical and advisory Services  
Prefeasibility and feasibility studies, integrated water management , non revenue water, performance and service level benchmarking, drinking Water quality, drinking water security, participatory planning and management, sustainable sanitation options , ecological sanitation, participatory planning and action for sustainable water and sanitation, water and sanitation in emergencies, public policy evaluation and analysis, financing options, appropriate technology options, institutional development and change management , payments for eco system services, decentralised governance ,school sanitation and hygiene education, monitoring & evaluation, impact assessments of Projects/Programmes, health impacts of water and sanitation, economic and environmental analysis, social inclusion, climate proofing and climate change adaptation in water management.
Design and development of Social Ventures
To design and develop social ventures and the projects for the NGOs working in the area of sanitation promotion, water treatment, climate resilience and adaptation to change, and community based water management and livelihood for the poor.
Project Management
Project conceptualisation and bid preparation, project planning, preparation of detailed project reports, project implementation support, monitoring and supervision, providing specialised technical manpower for execution of the projects.
Capacity Development
Organising and facilitation of the trainings, workshops and seminars, Training Needs Assessment (TNA), adult learning methodologies, appropriate pedagogies, development and design of training curricula, training impact assessments, design and development of training material, organisational development, Institutional transformation and change management, community engineering, climate
Communication for Development
Design and roll out of communication strategies, Information Education and Communication (IEC) Campaigns, communication for behaviour change, communication on water and sanitation management, documentation, documentaries conceptualisation, communication in multiple and local languages, design and roll out of folk media, mass media programme.
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